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  • The Wanipigow Glass proposed facility has the potential to produce solar glass for use in solar panels as well as ultra-clear architectural glass for use in products designed to meet progressively stringent energy efficiency and low-carbon standards for buildings.

  • Only a handful of silica sand deposits are found in North America with low iron levels suitable for ultra-clear and solar glass manufacturing. All such deposits are located in regions with higher manufacturing costs.

  • Our float glass business study shows significant manufacturing cost advantage resulting from lower electricity costs and lower raw material costs resulting from low iron wholly owned high purity silica source.

  • The business study was completed by GlassGlobal, an independent consultancy based in Germany with significant expertise in glass manufacturing technology and related markets.

  • Our solar glass products can supply the solar panel market which supports global net-zero targets. The energy efficient architectural products will align with objectives of 'Building Smart - Canada's Building Strategy', which focuses on reducing emissions from energy consumption in buildings​​.

  • Determination of whether Wanipigow Glass will produce solar glass or architectural glass will be made in the detailed engineering phase of the project.


Wanipigow Glass is a part of Canadian Premium Sand Inc.(CPS). The proposed float glass manufacturing facility would rely exclusively on high quality silica supply from CPS' quarry located north of Winnipeg.


CPS has an economic participation agreement with Hollow Water First Nation and the community of Seymourville.