Sustainable FLOAT Glass Manufacturing

Wanipigow Glass is a Canadian Premium Sand Inc. vision to build an industry-leading sustainable float glass manufacturing and coating facility in the greater Winnipeg area of Manitoba. 


The facility will utilize high purity silica sand with very low levels of iron to manufacture solar glass for use in solar panels or ultra-clear energy efficient architectural glass for use in buildings. Only a handful of silica sand mines with low iron levels are found in North America.

(See Project Overview for testing details and competitive landscape)

Sustainable Manufacturing of Carbon Negative Products

The facility has potential to manufacture solar glass for use in latest generation solar panels or ultra-clear energy efficient architectural float glass made for use in energy efficient buildings and homes. Both of these products save more energy upon installation than is used in manufacturing, resulting in a carbon negative product

With the latest technology and sustainable operating practices including waste heat recovery and 96% renewable energy from the Manitoba Hydro power grid, this glass manufacturing facility has the potential to set a new standard for sustainable low-carbon manufacturing.

Wanipigow Glass will utilize high purity silica sand from the Canadian Premium Sand Wanipigow quarry located 160 kilometers north of Winnipeg near the communities of Seymourville, Manigotagan and Hollow Water First Nation.



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